“We feel Stirrup-Slippers are by far the best design currently on the market today.”

In use

The Design

Stirrup-Slippers were born of countless hours in exam rooms both as provider and patient. Seeing what the more caring providers had done to “soften” stirrups for their patients served as the inspiration. A purpose-built stirrup cover clearly needed to be developed. A complete departure from traditional “simple bag” style stirrup covers had to be made. This design required taking into account how the soft human foot interacts with the hard metal stirrup, where the contact and pressure points are and to incorporate additional padding in those key areas. “Better Comfort by Design” was our design motto from the inception. The design would need to be intuitive for the patient with a well defined heel cup, eliminating the guesswork of finding secure foot support through a makeshift cover.

Four months of prototyping and six months of testing has led to what we feel is by far the best design currently on the market today.


We are a woman owned small business with all production taking place in the USA.

Stirrup-Slippers are artisan crafted in small batches here in Florida. It is very common for every step in the manufacture of a pair of Stirrup-Slipper to be conducted by the same artisan.